Epoxy Flooring

What is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a coating for concrete. Epoxy is made of two components: resins and a hardener. 


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Is Epoxy floor slippery when wet?

Like other floor types, epoxy floors can be slippery when wet. However, to prevent this, an anti-slip coating is added during installation.

Can epoxy flooring be used in bathrooms?

Yes. The anti-slip coating added during installation makes slips and accidents unlikely. In addition, since the floor is seamless, installing it in the bathroom prevents the trapping of dirt and bacteria when makes it easy to clean.

Is epoxy flooring expensive?

Epoxy flooring is cost-effective compared to other flooring options. Since the floors are durable and require minimal maintenance, it saves you the cost of repairs up front. At Conroe Epoxy Flooring  company, we work with your based on your budget. Contact us to get a free estimate.

Is epoxy flooring scratch-resistant?

Epoxy floors are hard and don’t scratch easily.

Can epoxy flooring go over tiles?

It’s best to apply epoxy directly over concrete. However, it can be installed over time. It just requires more extensive preparation by filling the cracks.

Why Choose Conroe Epoxy Flooring Company For Epoxy Flooring in Houston?

Epoxy floors are strong and made to last only if they are installed properly from the beginning. This is where we come in. Conroe Epoxy Flooring company has been serving the needs of homeowners for over a decade, who want to transform their spaces without having to break the bank. The combined years of experience we have as a team have given us the advantage to give our clients just what they need – properly installed epoxy floors that are guaranteed to be strong, durable, and beautiful. We closely walk with you right from the design process to installation. We also provide after-service maintenance for your epoxy floors.

Where is epoxy flooring used?

Epoxy flooring can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. They include:





Commercial kitchens


Health facilities

Food and beverages facilities


Does epoxy flooring last?

Epoxy floors are guaranteed to last years. They can last from 7 -25 years depending on use. Residential epoxy floors last longer than both commercial or industrial floors.

What are the types of epoxy floors?

There are several types of epoxy floors. They include:

  • Quartz-up epoxy: These floors are made of high-performance epoxy polymer resin and stained quartz grains.
  • Epoxy flake floors: With this type of floor, multi-colored flakes are added to the epoxy to create a multi-hued appearance.
  • Epoxy mortar floors: This is the strongest of all epoxy floors and is usually used for industrial environments
    Anti-static epoxy floors: These floors are used as resistance for Electrostatic charge, which can be toxic to many work environments.
  • Self-leveling epoxy: Self-leveling epoxy is used over new or old concrete floors or concrete floors that are damaged or cracked to create a seamless, shiny, and leveled texture on the concrete surface.
  • Metallic epoxy: This floor type is made from a combination of epoxy resin and metallic (glitter-like) pigments.

How long does it take to install the epoxy floor?

It usually days between 2-3 days to is install an epoxy floor. 

Is epoxy flooring safe?

Epoxy floors are completely safe once installed. They are non-slippery, skid-resistant, and shock-resistant.

12 How is an epoxy floor maintained?

Maintenance for Epoxy Floor is easy and low. A simple cleaning routine like sweeping, and mopping is required to keep your floor at its best. For high traffic areas, heavy-duty cleaning will be required once in a couple of months.

Our 6-Step Epoxy Flooring Process

At Conroe Epoxy Flooring  company, our epoxy flooring process includes


Prepare and clean the concrete surface

At Conroe Epoxy Flooring  Company, we believe the perfect floor begins with proper preparation. Preparing the floor ensures dust, dirt, adhesive, or whatever debris is removed from the surface. We also use a dust-free diamond grinder to prepare the entire floor.


Prime the floor with an epoxy primer

This will make the epoxy adhere more to the floor, and it also ensures durability.


Filling of holes and cracks

Our epoxy flooring specialists will fill up visible holes and cracks with epoxy before the first coating

Step 4

Application of the first coat of epoxy paint

We apply a thoroughly mixed epoxy solution to the entire floor.

Step 5

Grinding and re-layering of the surface

After the first coating, we lookout for dust, cracks, and other irregularities on the floor. Once found, we grind and layer the surface again to give it a smoother look.

Step 6

Application of the final coat of epoxy paint

Once we are satisfied with the results of step 5, we go on to apply the final coat of epoxy. Once the floor is dry, the result is your shiny and durable epoxy floor.

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