Concrete Polishing

Keeping It Simple With Concrete Polishing

When it comes to the needs of commercial and industrial settings, we know that flooring is of the utmost importance. Whether you are planning on having a new slab poured for your facility or have an existing concrete substrate you want to make an upgrade to, our team has the experience to provide the best flooring possible.

Where epoxy floors are not the best option or don’t suit your needs, polished concrete is one of the most affordable and efficient flooring systems on the market and our team is the best in Houston at installing them. Down below, you will find everything that you need to know about our polished concrete systems!

Amazing New Shimmer and Shine

Exceptionally Durable

Easily maintainable

Endless Customization

Dust and Stain Resistant


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The Benefits Of Polished Concrete Systems


So why should you use polished concrete in your commercial or industrial application? Well, concrete polishing offers benefits that cannot be obtained with traditional styles of flooring and our team can maximize your floorings potential with our experience and state of the art installation methods. Need flooring that is resistant to wear, chemicals and age? Polished concrete offers it all to help keep your company on track, not worried about the floor it has to operate on! Down below, you will find a few of the best benefits of using polished concrete.

Low Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of having a polished concrete flooring system is that they are one of the easiest and most efficient flooring systems to maintain. In commercial and industrial cases, you will spend more time dusting the flooring than actually worrying about long term maintenance that takes time and effort. Maintaining the system is as easy as using microfiber brooms to remove dust, cleaning spills ASAP, sweeping with a soft bristle broom daily and mopping the flooring weekly with a non-acidic cleaner, PH neutral detergents are recommended. polished concrete floors

Seamless & Hygienic

Polished concrete is the go-to flooring system for operations like medical facilities, food processing plants and warehouses alike for one main reason, its hygienic. Due to the seamless nature of polished concrete, it makes the storage and transmission of germs, bacteria, and viruses almost impossible when cleaned properly! Because of its seamless nature, it also eliminates flooring related tripping hazards, making the flooring safe and easy to walk on. Moreover, the seamless flooring reflects light efficiently, making any obstruction on the flooring easier to spot and eliminate. polished concrete floors houston

Resistance To Wear & Tear

While a flooring system that looks great when it is first installed is amazing in theory, a flooring system that can maintain its like-new appearance throughout its entire service life is a flooring that is better than all! Polished concrete is ultra-durable, making it nearly impossible to be defaced permanently. Our concrete polishing can help reduce the tear that heavy vehicle traffic, chemical spills, and heavy foot traffic can have on your flooring. Thanks to the way we install the flooring, it’s also resistant to water damage!

Chemical Resistance

In the commercial and industrial realm, we all know the number of harsh chemicals that you may use or store daily. While we know that you try to keep these accidents from occurring, a chemical spill can happen at any time and you need to be protected. Our polished concrete systems are enhanced with a concrete hardener, filling the pores of the concrete. This means no liquids will be absorbed into the concrete, avoiding chemical exposure and at the same time, making spills easier to clean. residential polished concrete floors

Lifetime Service

When you’re a business owner taking every measure to keep your company in the black, the last thing you want to worry about is replacing your flooring every few years. That is what makes our flooring such an attractive option, it can last a lifetime! In most cases, our polished concrete fails only when the concrete slab it is placed on fails and from acts of man. This is why you should polish your concrete 30 days after its installed, getting the most out of your investment.

The Areas We Serve In Houston TExas

Heres What We can Do for You!

While our team can polish concrete in the residential setting, we offer our services to any major operation as well! We serve Houston Texas with pride, ensuring that every last one of our projects is as good or better than the last. Down below, you will find a few of the settings that we are readily able to serve in Houston. Don’t see your setting on our list? Give us a call today, we will probably serve your institution as well: One of the most common facilities we service with polished concrete is the retail sector. This is because retail facilities deal with heavy foot traffic, spills and chemicals on a daily basis but a polished concrete floor can help keep you protected.

Another common area that you will find polished concrete is in warehouses. This is because the high durability flooring is resistant to staining from hot vehicle tires, resistant to heavy-duty chemicals and offers an almost maintenance-free alternative to plain concrete. In the residential setting, polished concrete is still an extremely functional flooring alternative, with resistance to scratches from pets, resistance to staining from playtime and is an attractive flooring solution with vast numbers of ways to customize the flooring like color pigmentations, saw cutting and on new concrete, decorative additives can be implemented into the concrete pour, being exposed when the concrete is ground during polishing.

While this is only a select few of the industries and settings we serve, we can work with almost any concrete. To see if we can work with you, give us a call today for a no worry-free quote!


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