Concrete Coatings

Concrete Coatings

Whether you want to protect concrete from damage or transform utilitarian but cold, dusty concrete into beautiful and functional flooring, our concrete coatings in Houston, Texas are the solution. Concrete may be a durable material that can withstand vehicle traffic and other hazards but it’s far from indestructible. If it isn’t treated with a concrete coating, concrete itself is porous and can be damaged by tires, moisture, harsh chemicals, and more.

Our protective and decorative concrete coatings give your concrete a wear-resistant layer of protection to help your concrete floor stand up to constant wear and tear. Our concrete floor epoxy coating also simplifies maintenance, improves slip resistance, and makes a drab, gray concrete slab into something beautiful.

We serve homeowners, business owners, and facility managers in Houston with reliable and economical concrete coating service for interior and exterior concrete.


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Basement Concrete Floor Coatings


Whether your basement is dusty, cold, and uninviting or you have problems with dampness, we can help. Our concrete floor coatings are multipurpose solutions to a range of common basement problems. We help transform your basement into a bright, dry living space you’ll love to spend time in.

Our concrete coatings in Houston stop moisture from penetrating concrete walls and floors. Decorative concrete coatings can also be used to renovate your basement with a stain-resistant and attractive floor with your choice of effects and colors. Ready to banish your dungeon-like basement? Here are the benefits of our basement concrete epoxy coating:

Helps waterproof your basement to stop dampness and mildew

Get rid of musty odors in your basement

A concrete epoxy coating increases floor brightness by up to 300% to make your basement brighter and more inviting

Decorative coatings create an attractive flooring solution

Stain resistant and easy to maintain

Stops concrete dusting

Garage Concrete Floor Coatings


One of our most popular uses for interior concrete floor coatings is in the garage. If you’re tired of a dusty, ugly garage, our concrete floor coatings can deliver a seamless flooring solution that’s easy to clean and ultra-resilient. Our concrete epoxy coating resists damage from abrasion, dropped tools, gas, oil, and moisture. This is the ideal flooring solution if you like to work on your car or want to set up a garage workshop. With a seamless installation, your dusty garage will become a thing of the past.

Concrete coatings in Houston, Texas last for up to 20 or more years with minimal maintenance. You can customize the look of your garage floor with limitless colors, designs, and effects to create the perfect showroom look. Our concrete coatings can even increase your home’s value while adding function to your garage.

Concrete Driveway Coatings


Concrete coatings aren’t just a solution for indoor concrete; our exterior concrete floor coatings can also be used to protect and transform your outdoor spaces. To achieve a real “wow” factor for your home or business, consider concrete driveway coatings.

While concrete driveways last for decades, they quickly develop stains and cracks from tires, rain, temperature changes, and gasoline and oil. Our durable concrete coatings in Houston, TX transform a stained, ugly driveway into something decorative and beautiful. Our decorative concrete coatings are the perfect way to boost your home’s value and create a positive first impression for a home or business. These coatings also protect your concrete from damage in the future.


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Walkway & Patio Coatings


Patios and walkways can become eyesores over time as they develop stains from spills and mildew. Our decorative concrete coatings in Houston are the perfect way to update your outdoor spaces into amazing retreats.

For a simple, professional look, a gray concrete coating will give your walkways and patio a stain-resistant and durable protective coating.

If you want something more decorative, we can achieve the look of pavers, brick, slate, or tile while protecting your concrete. Concrete coatings don’t just look amazing; they protect your walkways and patio from stains and other damage with a slip-resistant surface that lasts for years.

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings


Our concrete epoxy coating service is so durable and long-lasting it’s the top choice for commercial and industrial facilities. Our high-performance concrete coating service eliminates the need to polish and wax concrete floors with a durable coating that protects the concrete substrate from even the harshest conditions.

Our Houston concrete coatings can withstand all types of extreme conditions, including heavy machinery, vehicular traffic, heat, corrosive liquids, and harsh cleaning chemicals. Our line of industrial concrete floor coatings are used in factories, warehouses, shopping centers, hospitals, retail stores, and more.


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